La Bella 820 Elite Flamenco Guitar Strings (Red Trebles) MT, Full Set
  • By: Rick Simmons
    After reading about these strings on different forums, I had to try them on my flamenco guitar. The basses are deep and gutsy. The trebles project. One of the best flamenco strings made - Much more musical than the "2001" label.
  • By: Mark Lynott
    I am playing for Flamenco dance classes and these strings sound great, with good volume and have long life! Intonation could be better on the "D", (just under 10% sharp at the 12th fret) but my guitar (Cordoba Solista Flamenca) was setup with Savarez Corum/Cristal High Tension. Otherwise, a great string set, at a very good price!
  • By: (2878) Jesús Alberto Portilla
    Good sound ... sound very flamenco ... but the quality can be improved ....
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    The new La Bella (Improved Trebles) have a big change. These strings have perfect intonation, better flamenco sound and I'm amazed by their progress. La Bella factory sent me a black nylon (improved trebles) set just to try them out and i found them 100% better than the old ones.

    A MUST set for every flamenco guitar player!
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    This was my first time that i used La Bella Red Trebles. The bass set was a little stiff for me. Almost dead sound and no flamenco at all. The treble set was nice. Crispy sound but you have to give a little time to strings just to "open". I dont think that i will use them again.
  • By: Simon Pratley
    These strings sound really tinny and cheap. Also the red nylon may look good from a far, but they are more difficult to play at night, 'cause you can't seem em.
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