La Bella 900 Golden Superior MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Dave Conrad Date Added: 03/04/2014
I only have tried the bass strings. At first, they sounded a bit thin. Surprisingly, after a few days they have become richer and more responsive to differing techniques. The tension on my very lightly built guitar is a good match, yielding an acceptably wide range of "volume". Of course, the big advantage lies in their quietness. Fast passages filled with accidentals are definitely easier to play clearly with these basses.For recording I can aboslutely see where these basses make it so much easier to play cleanly and evenly than most strings.
Still, I will return to the "romantic" sound of multifilament core bass strings, which I can get decent volume out of on my specific guitar. The loss in easy clarity is something I can live with.