La Bella Argento AH Pure Silver HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
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By: Roberto Paderni Date Added: 05/31/2014
I bought the Medium Tension La Bella Argento pure silver about a month ago. This is what I liked... They stay in tune most of the time, and the basses strings sound very good for about a couple of weeks. I dislike the following... The (4th) D String lost the silver winding above the 3rd and 4th fret and went completly muddy during the 3rd week of regular use (2 hours a day or so). I read the comment about the durability of this particular set and I strongly disagree with it. They last for about a month, or not even there. I was expecting a little longer than that. Maybe the set I received was defective or old, I am not sure since the metal winding damaged only occured to the 4th string. Anyway, for the amount of money I paid, I was expecting something more durable. I am not going to buy these strings never again.
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