La Bella Argento SMH Sterling MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Steven Davino Date Added: 03/28/2015
A very fine set of strings all around. They are actually very similar to the 2001 Series medium-high tension. In fact, they have the same trebles. The trebles are very round and robust, not too bright but still lively. The basses are fabulous. Rich and deep with plenty of sustain and plenty of "pop". These have all the speed and attack of a high tension string. Again like the trebles, they are not overly bright and have a good balance of warmth and edge. Plenty of volume and spot on intonation. I'm not sure about the rated tension measurements. They are different on the LaBella website than what's written on the back of the set, as well as what's given on SBM. This is true of the 2001 series set too. Not sure why that is exactly, but either way, they are a player's set, albeit pricey.
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