La Bella RN-M Rectified Nylon MT Classical Guitar Strings, Treble Set
  • By: Thomas Friedrich
    If I gave these five stars, that would mean I have found my favourite string. I haven't yet. But these are great strings if you are looking to warm up a bright sounding guitar. I have them on my Ramirez 1a cedar. Although the string is opaque (rectified), it's nice and smooth and doesn't produce unwanted sounds from you nails, like other rectified nylon's on the market. It is also warmer than others. I've tried the D'Addario and Savarez, and these are better. You can get more colour out of them than those strings. They also seem to have better intonation than the standard Labella's, but not quite as good as the D'Addario RN's.
  • By: Alan Hahn
    I recently bought these because of a lot of strong recommendations on the DelCamp forum. I was not disappointed. I'm going to order a couple more sets. Absolutely perfect intonation. Sweet sound, plenty loud for my guitar and they settled in quicker than any treble set I've ever tried. And I've tried a lot of them. I'll probably never stop experimenting with different strings until I've tried them all, but for now these sound best on my Pavan 30. And what a great price.
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