La Bella White Nylon Tape Wound 600-7 Seven String Electric 14-79


By: Christopher Billiau Date Added: 08/07/2016
I just put on a set of Labella Whites on a seven string moll 17". Compared to the blacks, which were on before, I have noted the following:

1. The whites seems to be a bit louder than the blacks acoustically though not drastically. I attribute the increased volume to the initial bite of the string when plucked. See #3 #4 for specifics.

2. The sustain is similar to the blacks. After the initial attack the tone mellows nicely like the blacks.

3. When plucked the whites have more bite. The attack of the string is strong and gone is the "fwap" sound that I associate (and quite enjoy) with the blacks. This increased bite on the attack seems to be where the increased volume comes from.

4. The whites feel like they are of a higher tension which may also contribute to an increased volume. My action has noticeably increased and I'm still on the fence about this as I enjoyed the low tension of the blacks.

5. Appearance: The wrapping appears to be tighter than the black wrap.

6. The pack does not come with an extra E and B string like the black package does.

7. The strings feel more stiff than the blacks and of a higher tension though LaBella replied to an email I sent them about this and stated, "The tension should be the same as the black per our research."

Overall, the whites are louder and brighter than the blacks but also come with an increased tension. Gone is the "fwap" sound of blacks. My preference is slowly moving back to the blacks as I enjoy the lower tension and "fwap" sound.
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