Luthier Concert Gold Set 40 MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Bass Set
  • By: Matthew Masail
    I have always liked the Luthier basses, they are profound and earthy.
    these gold basses are the only gold basses that I have tried that I like (I've tried many, but not the very expensive ones).
    they have depth, color and warmth like most gold basses, but what I like about them is that they have a brightness and liveliness that is much lacking in other gold bass strings I tried; not as bright as silverplated strings but bright and lively enough that they sound really good and not at all 'dead'.

    the gauge and tension are good. they can be pushed quite hard. they have a more fundamental sound as opposed to a harmonically rich sound of silverplated basses.

    bottom line, if you have a bright spruce top guitar, I highly recommend giving these a try.
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