Luthier Concert Silver Set 30 MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
[Set 30]
  • By: Belinda Bennett
    I can see why these strings have good reviews. I have tried a few different types of strings now and have made notes on them over the times I have played with them in the quest of looking for the "holy grail" of strings that suit my playing and my guitar. Everyone plays their individual style and every guitar is different, but these strings seem to have a general consensus amongst classical and flamenco players to be reliable, produce a good sound, and last. I haven't been disappointed by the Luthier strings. They were among the first ones I tried and they do have a great sound. They settle in very quickly and work very well on my flamenco guitar. I find them a pleasure to play with and listen to. I gave them 5 stars because of this, and my quest for the ultimate string continues...but I know I have a couple of good choices to fall back on with a set of Luthier strings in my guitar case.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    I think that they're the best for flamenco guitar. Not too thin (as Supreme 20) not too thick as D' Addario Pro Arte. You have the total control of the strings and provide the right attack and crispy sound that flamenco needs. They're in tune very easily. I have tried a lot of strings but these ones are the most durable for my guitars. Sometimes I prefer La Bella's blacks or Aquila's Alabastro trebles (if someone wants to try something else).
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