Luthier Popular Supreme Set 20 MT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
[Set 20]
  • By: Peter Rawkins
    I tried a set of these on my DiCarlo nylon jazz & found the G string played more than 10 cents sharp at the 12th fret - very disappointing - this shouldn't happen in this day & age of computer controlled machinery - the other 5 strings played in tune - advised Luthier by email but no response.
    Pete, Australia
  • By: Radoslav Raykov
    I have been using this brand since 2005. Most of the time these strings deliver the best quality, as far as flamenco sound goes, and have a very long tonal life (the longest I've kept a set on is 4 months without degradation of sound quality!) My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the inconsistency in quality that started appearing after 2014. At some point I had ordered 5 bass sets and only 2 of them were any good - the rest felt much higher tension and had duller sound than normal. SBM was extremely kind to send me a free replacement set, although this is clearly not their fault. Their trebles lately also have had inconsistent quality. I noticed that if the nylon looks cloudy, typically sound is not as good as when it looks clear. Third string was buzzy too and sounded more plasticky. So these days I buy several sets and try to mix and match until I arrive at a good one. Definitely not cost-efficient, but on the other hand, 8$ for a pack isn't very expensive either compared to the 12 you pay for a Felipe Conde or the $18 you'd pay for a Hannabach. I really hope they get back to their original quality. These guys were simply the best on the market recently.
  • By: Philip Glaser
    A beautiful sweet tone on my flamenco guitar.
  • By: Aref Bakhtiyari
    wow..what can one say..when I put them sounded so them the best strings so far..very suitable for flamenco..but they seemed a bit more like medium to hard tension..comparing to hannabach, d'addario and la bella for its range..
  • By: (2878) Jesús Alberto Portilla
    I put these strings on my flamenco guitar. Great sound, very flamenco, my guitar sounds like the lyre of the gods of Olympus!!!!!!!!!1
  • By: Mel Soledad
    I've tried LaBella 2001 HT, D'Darrios J45, J46, and Luthier 30 on my new "Reyes" model blanca but the 20's give just the right balance of tension, punch, timber, sweetness plus a little of that pearcing metallic sound we all look for as a flamenco style player. If your guitar has the 7 fan bracing but still light weight à la DeVoe y Reyes style blanca guitarras, then give this one a try. Dullness starts about 3-4 weeks if you play about two hrs total a day.
  • By: Zalimkhan Koilakaev
    Different experience with my left & right fingertips.
    Very soft and warm sound on my flamenco guitar.
    new experience for my sense of practicing after trying different strings on my guitar.
    Best String for my guitar.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    After using Luthier 30, I decided to spend my time playing with Luthier 20. I like them very much. They're not light tension but normal. The strings responded almost perfectly with picado and alzapua.

    Very flamenco basses and sweet crispy trebles. Wait a little so the strings will open. But generally this happens very quickly. I think that Luthier 20 will be the strings to my blanca.
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