Luthier Popular Supreme Set 20 MT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
[Set 20]


By: Radoslav Raykov Date Added: 03/14/2016
I have been using this brand since 2005. Most of the time these strings deliver the best quality, as far as flamenco sound goes, and have a very long tonal life (the longest I've kept a set on is 4 months without degradation of sound quality!) My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the inconsistency in quality that started appearing after 2014. At some point I had ordered 5 bass sets and only 2 of them were any good - the rest felt much higher tension and had duller sound than normal. SBM was extremely kind to send me a free replacement set, although this is clearly not their fault. Their trebles lately also have had inconsistent quality. I noticed that if the nylon looks cloudy, typically sound is not as good as when it looks clear. Third string was buzzy too and sounded more plasticky. So these days I buy several sets and try to mix and match until I arrive at a good one. Definitely not cost-efficient, but on the other hand, 8$ for a pack isn't very expensive either compared to the 12 you pay for a Felipe Conde or the $18 you'd pay for a Hannabach. I really hope they get back to their original quality. These guys were simply the best on the market recently.