Luva Arm Pad - Rigid Support - Large


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 08/17/2015
It has been a while since SBM has been out of stock on this item so I ended up getting one through another channel. There is a rigid curved plate under a padded surface which hangs your forearm out over the guitar minimizing contact with the face and edge. The advantages are that; it saves the finish of your guitar, allows the arm to glide into different right hand positions with reduced friction, distributes the pressure point on your forearm so that the fingers have more ease of movement, fits comfortably and stays in place relatively well. The only gripe I would mention is that the upper portion of the cuff tends to loosen up elastically after time, although washing and drying it seem to help it recover some elasticity. I have noticed reduced right hand and arm fatigue after long playing sessions with it on and although it took a few hours initially get used to the feeling (it's way different than playing with a bare arm), I now find that I much prefer to wear it when playing than not. I hope SBM works out the delivery issues with this sleeve, because it really is a great product.

Update: I discovered soon after writing this review that the plastic cuff had developed a crack where the arm rests on the edge of the guitar. This is after 2 months of use. So minus one star for that. Additionally, I have been trying to deal with the manufacturer and their communication is dim and lame, so minus another star for that. Really disappointing. It's a shame no one else makes these, maybe they'll update their manufacturing process and learn how to do business. Not holding my breath though.
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