Martin MA535 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Cstm Lt 11-52


By: Alan Lebov Date Added: 02/18/2015
After trying dozens of different brands of strings I keep coming back to Martin phosphor bronze custom lights. They have a very good balance of playability and warmth and I find the bass to be a bit deeper with these Martin M535 Traditional Phosphor Bronze strings than with the SP MSP4050's.

From a pure tone point of view, at least on my Martin D-28, I think the Martin Marquis Lights sound the best overall. Very deep bass and sweet, not shrill highs, but (after 30 years of trying) I just can't seem to play the .012's as well as the .011's.

So for now (until Marquis PB become available in .011's) I find the Martin Traditional M535 the very best strings for me.

Hope this helps in your decision making process! :)
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