Martins | SituaCoes Triangulares for solo guitar
[DZ 448]
  • By: Eric Dussault
    In all fairness, here is a response to the previous comment. This piece is in its original form and has been publishing and proofed with the composer himself. The Williams/Etheridge is likely their own arrangement of the piece. I don’t see how it is misleading as it is clearly labeled for solo guitar.
  • By: Karl Byrne
    If your looking for the version recorded by John Williams, which I was, then this is not it. I'm presuming this edition was not written by Vasco himself, but transcribed by someone else, which it does not say. This is a very poor edition. The melodic line is not clearly written out (as being separate from the accompaniment), and where the melody does appear it has wrong notes in it, as compared to every other version of this piece I have heard. I have no idea what the author/publishers intentions were with this edition.

    Truly awful and a complete waste of money. sigh!
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