Murata GR-2B, Guitar Rest Support with adjustable feet, Black
  • By: Trevor Hanson
    I had high hopes for this support, but it has a couple of significant defects for me. I've given it four stars because most people won't have my particular needs. My gripes: 1) The leg piece has hard sharp edges. This is not a problem for an hour of practice, but I have gigs that often run 4-5 or more hours, and this will definitely cause problems. I'm going to have to wrap the leg piece with some kind of cushioning to avoid sores, and also to reduce the slipperiness which other reviewers have noted. 2) The angle of the guitar on the stand is adjustable front-to-back (good) but not left-to-right (bad). I play with a very steep angle, and I was planning to use the optional long pole replacement part available here to achieve that. However, I can see that it won't work, because it will make the guitar higher but the angle won't change. I think I need to construct an angled pole that will give me the angle I want; however I'm concerned about whether the support will be stable at that point. I will make these modifications and, if they make a big improvement, I'll update this review. 3) I'm concerned about the tubing that contacts the guitar finish. I am probably going to wrap these with felt or other fabric to reduce possible finish impact. 4) The support is fairly well constructed; but considering the likely cost of the materials and construction, the price of $77.99 seems high. I'd rather pay even more, as with the Barnett, and get a really high-quality item. If Barnett made a non-magnetic support similar to the Murata, THAT is the one I would want.
  • By: Simon Gauvin
    I am using this for a couple of years now and it is really the best of all. I have purchased all guitar support I can find on Internet (because there is none in store where I live) and I have to say that this is the only one that do what it is supposed to do. It fit in may case easily and I can adjust it as I want. I prefer the grip at the guitar because the suction cup on other models just get off the guitar after long playing. It happened to me on concert in middle of long piece of classical music. This is not what you want! But the Murata just stay where it is. The only negativ point is that the Murata don't prevent slippery as it pretend to. I need another clothe between my leg and the Murata to be sure that it don't slip off my leg. But this is still the best and I recommend it!