NeckUp 5 inch Guitar Support, Brown


By: Melvin Hughes Date Added: 08/13/2016
I saw Eric Skye using one of these supports with his Santa Cruz signature, deep bodied 00 guitar. After trying every manner of support offered here, watching Eric play using the NeckUp made me think I had finally found an alternative to using a foot stool or a shoulder strap.

After receiving my NeckUp, I began trying it with everything from a very deep bodied 12-fret, slope shoulderd H&D dread to a 1902 Washburn Parlor guitar. With the large bodied guitars, I found that playing in a classical position with the NeckUp resting on my left leg worked great. With the smaller guitars, it can go on either leg, left or right and still hold the guitar at an extremely comfortable position, all while sitting with both feet flat on the ground!

I like them so much that I now have three NeckUp supports, two 5 inch and one 4 inch. I can not recommend them highly enough if you have been looking for a very comfortable, functional, playable solution to playing while sitting without going through the contortions of a foot stool.
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