Oasis GPX+ Carbon NT Classical Guitar Strings GX1100, Full Set
  • By: Ben Schenstead
    I took advantage of the recent complimentary promotion set and tried these out. I was pleasantly surprised by this set of strings. The treble strings, particularly the 1st, have a rounder, more solid sound to the tone, and have more projection than previous strings I've used. Prior to this, I was using the Savarez Cantiga normal tension 510 AR (Alliance trebles and Cantina basses) and they are very, very good strings, but I think the Oasis GPX+ edge them out. My only complaint --and this applies to the Savarez as well as other brands-- is that the treble strings lose their smooth surface from nail abrasion and the tone becomes less than idea after a couple of weeks (this is not a fault of my nails which I keep glassy smooth, but just a natural wearing of the string surface).I've found that twisting the strings a few times and retying it extends the life of the string and can restore some of the smooth attack. I wish manufacturers would find a way to make a longer lasting exterior surface of the strings.
  • By: Michael Stilwell
    A very good set of strings with great longevity. The basses are a bit stiff for my liking, but have great volume and a bright, sparkling tone. They also retain a pure tone much longer and don't seem to tarnish as quickly as other strings. The trebles last really well also, as they seem to resist scratching very well. They have a pure tone and good sustain on the G and B strings. As with most other carbon sets I have to replace the 1st string since it is too thin and the tension too high.
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