Oasis GPX+ Carbon NT Classical Guitar Strings, Treble Set
  • By: Sheldon Imperio
    Great sound. Bright, loud, while being full and round at the same time. I became concerned however when I read about many people having their high E snap on them, creating dents in their guitar. When I looked at the high E toward the bridge, I noticed some sort of stretch marks as if the string could snap any moment. I then took off the string, clipped off the part with the marks, then restrung it again. The same stretch marks developed IMMEDIATELY after I tuned the string again. Needless to say, I removed the string immediately and threw it in the garbage.* The other 2 strings however are in great condition, and still sound great after a few weeks. I heard the higher tension has a less chance of snapping, but I won't bother anymore with OASIS. I will probably try a different carbon treble at high tension, since medium carbon trebles seem to be really thin and perhaps prone to snapping.

    * SBM Note 1/3/12 Confirmed: This e string problem has been corrected by Oasis.