Oasis QuadRest Guitar Support with carry case OH-25
  • By: bethina fehlisch
    I had hope to find a good alternative to the gitano support, so I ordered the OaisisQuad. When I unpacked it I was surprised how fragile this thing. is and was wondering if the plastic mechanism would be able to not brake when putting the tension onto the handle. Well, as it turns out,this was the least concern, because the suction cups do not hold AT ALL! On what ever instrument, with or without the plastic protection sheet. I tried to keep patient and to try and try and try again. but this is money out of the window. Or does anybody knows the secret to this support?
  • By: José Augusto Meirelles
    I used to a gitano support and I like this Oasis very much. If was made in metal, like gitano's, would be perfect. The lever is a nice touch to make the suction cup firmly attached, but I get an impression it could break with time.
  • By: Christopher Pitney
    Great the first day or two then it started losing its suck, which then jeopardizes the well being of my guitar and that makes this a very big problem. I truly wanted this thing to work so I carefully continued to try it on different guitars and the same problem keeps recurring.
    I am very disappointed. There is no purpose to a device that doesn't work, consequently one star review.
  • By: Lior Hadar
    The elevation design is great - I use this to get great flamenco position without crossing my leg and hurting my lower back. the suction cup is, ultimately, unreliable. It feels secure at one moment, and then falls off mid song. I use a piece of golpeador on the underside of my guitar, and make sure to wash the suction cup, but it's still inconsistent. I will continue using it to practice, but this is not performance ready at all.
  • By: Keith Pratt
    I bought one of these before Oasis picked up the line--the only difference between the Oasis support and the one I bought is mine does not have Oasis on it. That said, this support took every weakness of the Gitano and improved on those weaknesses. The cup has a spring and lever and after you apply the cup to the guitar you slide the lever and the cup is pulled to the base resulting in a tight seal with no movement. Slide back the lever and lift the tab on the cup and it comes off with no hassles. The cup with lever is a brillant idea. The sling has anti-slip dots. This puppy works! As for the cup, same rules apply to french polish as do all suction cups. I actually have a thin layer of golpeador material on the rib of my french polish guitar so I do not worry about rings or the cup gripping. Ben from SBM told me he came up with the idea for the bag--nice touch!
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