OLD Philippe Bosset Carved Bone Classical Bridge Saddle PBACC06


By: Sheldon Imperio Date Added: 06/29/2016
I bought two of these and put them on two different guitars and the results have always been good. Even without any custom tuning, these intonate extremely well overall and the compensated G helps a lot. In fact the reason I got this is because the stock bone saddle on one of my high end guitars didn't intonate that well, but now the guitar just sounds in tune up and down the neck. As a bonus, the tone even sounds better, probably because the bone is of a higher quality, which I can tell by look and feel. Just remember that the guitar will sound awkward at first since it has to readjust to string tension.

Be sure to buy high quality sand paper and make sure you know what you're doing as these come a bit tall and you'll have to sand them down to size (use the old saddle to compare string action). On one of the guitars I even had to make the saddle thinner to make it fit in the slot, but it still worked perfectly fine. Overall, these are highly recommended!