Optima Maxiflex 24K Gold Wound Electric Guitar Strings 9-42
  • By: Richard Ott
    I have had these on my Brian May signature for almost two years now. The gold doesn't tarnish and consequently they last longer and actually seem to be getting better with age, so why change them? 9-42's lasting two years, well that is simply exceptional. I love these strings, you will too.
  • By: Imer Juarez
    Best Strings for my guitar to date. Tried them all and ended up at Optima Gold String. Tried different gauges for 10 to 8. Maxiflex addresses the issue I had that they were hard to bend except the 8's. So these feel in between 8 and 9 but sound the same as the 9's.This lets me dig in the notes harder and still last longer than any other strings I've tried. Optima Gold has a shimmery top-end no other strings seem to deliver.