Practice Right : Wrist Alignment and Position Correction Aid, Adult
  • By: james brotherton
    I actually use this under my wrist so that the bent part touches my palm. I find this more effective for me as a beginner but I can see this may cause a problem as my music becomes more complicated however I'm hoping I won't need it by then. It does have a tendency to slip but it seems they've addressed that with the improved version.
  • By: Pak Haup Ng
    Very effective! Comfortable. Neat and tidy,
  • By: Salvatore Marino
    I play bass guitar. I purchased the wrist band to improve my right hand alignment, but I have also found that by placing it on my left hand and inverting its position (top to bottom) it has tremendously helped relieve my carpral tunnel pain in my left hand as well as keep my left wrist straight which makes me play notes cleaner. I am purchasing another.
  • By: Ben Richey
    I always have a Practice-Right on hand for lessons (pun intended). Last week a student of mine ended up buying one and what a difference! This last lesson certainly proved it's effectiveness. Sometimes it is hard to break bad habits, but this tool guides a student into the right direction both in the lesson and during practice.
  • By: Clayton Rumble
    I purchased a Practice-Right "splint" for proper wrist alignment. I am pleased to report that it has been a great help to me and my right hand technique is improving. In addition, it appears to be a well made device, so it should last awhile. Thanks for the suggestion of this piece of equipment.
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