Pyramid Stainless Steel Electric Guitar Strings Medium 10-46
[426 100]
  • By: Brian Cullen
    These strings are wonderful in quality, I cannot believe the price. The basses have an un-polished steel look and vintage texture that is smooth and contains lots of note articulation. I can really dig in or alter my pick attack to create different expressions. The note fundamental also very pleasant. If it were a wine it would be a hi quality Shiraz that is very affordable like "Pepper Jack".
    The trebles have a flexible quality like the Austrian Strings Ive tried from Tomastik but the Pyramid have a clearer fundamental note and a longer lasting E 1st string.
    The set is very interesting as the basses remind me of D'Addario Steels in feel but sound more balanced to me and the trebles feel like Tomastik but are a little more tense (just what I was looking for as I like the Tomastik too but they are on the extreme side of flexible)
    I really am enjoying these strings and they will become my new standard set for my Tele and PRS.
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