Pyramid Sterling Silver Super Classic MT Guitar Strings, Full Set
[376 200]


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 09/19/2015
As with the other reviews here, I think these basses are exceptionally good, the trebles, not so much. These trebles have a very 'plastic', artificial sound to them. They do not have the round sound or depth that a high quality nylon string should have and the intonation - although fairly accurate when measured with a Snark tuner, does not ring true to the ear; the spectral balance is off and as a result, they sound out of tune with each other even when the tuner says they are at the proper pitch. So, even though I like the basses a lot, the cost of these strings, just for three good basses, is completely unjustified. If Pyramid would make split sets of these strings, I would definitely buy the basses and find suitably matching trebles somewhere else.