RC Strings DC10 JG Dynamic Carbon HT Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Asle Benoni
    I have had no problems with more than normal wear on these after 3 weeks playing 30-40 min. every day. My first take ever on High-Tension strings so I was curious how my Taurus 53 would sound. It took some days to "break them in". I Notice the 1st string is very thin but that works very well and balanced. Once I got used to them they are easy to play on and I like the strong sound for my Roland Dyens pieces. I have to try other HT strings before I can compare. I have other favourite sets for "mellow" music but I would give these a try if you want to go from medium to HT. These are expensive strings so you expect more but I was not disappointed.
  • By: Shannon Robards
    Sounded okay, not as bright as Savarez equivalent trebles, Top E de-laminated within a week of light playing in mild weather. Poor materials or quality control, either way not worth the time and money.