RC Strings Victor Monge Serranito SRR70 HT Guitar Strings Full Set


By: Tim Mize Date Added: 03/07/2011
Because of the price and the 5 star review, my expectations were pretty high, but I was disappointed at 3 points. First, nothing is said in the ad about the tension, but these are definitely high tension strings....so if your guitar (like mine, an older 660 scale) does not respond well to high tension strings, avoid these. So, probably for this reason, I was disappointed by the feel and responsiveness. Second, the advertisement says that Royal Classic strings are pre-stretched, which led me to expect a quick settle-in. Not so! If anything, these were worse than normal. The A string in particular continued to stretch an abnormally large amount for a week or more, which I found pretty annoying. Third, the low E string was a big disappointment. All the other strings are way to the bright end of the scale, but the low E was way to the warm end. It was a real contrast compared to the others. It's almost like someone snuck it in as a joke. I didn't laugh however. On the good side, though, the strings (apart from the low E) are well balanced and very bright but not harshly so...but in my humble opinion these are not $18 strings.
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