Rosette Bridge Bone Beads, Black
  • By: Jim Liu
    I like this set of beads. I have been using this set for years. They are great. They look like decorations on my guitar. The only thing I would like to tell the producer is that : sometimes, the holes are not wide enough for the 5th. or 6th. string. I need to use a sharp item to penetrate it in order to make the holes wider and to allow those strings to go through them.
  • By: Russ Klenk
    Poor excuse for garbage.

    They raise the action, snap strings, and look cheap. You could try them but you will render one set of strings useless because you won't be able to tie them around your bridge.
    After you pay the return postage and buy a new set of strings, you will be out a few hours of time and short a couple of dollars.
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