Rosette Ivory Fret Markers with Black Ring, pack of 9 dots
  • By: Asle Benoni
    Very easy to apply and looks professional. But one of the dots just fell off after a week. Maybe I did not clean well enough. Hope this time it stays on.
  • By: Bradley McDowell
    I'm glad I found this product before I paid someone to put permanent markers on my guitar. These went on very easily and quickly (less than five minutes to apply five dots). They look great. I've had them on for about two weeks, and there's no sign they're rubbing off (and I have not been terribly careful about rubbing against them as I've handled the guitar). I'm very happy with them, and you cannot beat the price for what you get. Highly recommend.
  • By: Jeff Winkler
    Easy to apply, looks like a permanent marker.
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