SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Short
  • By: John Stoessel
    This is the Rolls Royce of guitar supports! No more suction cups that pop off in the middle of a performance and/or damage the finish. This stand is solidly built, looks like it is a part of the guitar, and absolutely will not come off. Easy to install. Incredible adjustability. Clearly designed by a guitarist for guitarists. Just be sure to get the magnets placed properly for your desired guitar playing position. Once you fasten them with the adhesive strips, you can only change things by adjusting the stand. However, if you need to change the positioning, the strips can be easily removed and new ones purchased at most hardware stores such as Home Depot. While a bit pricey, it is well worth the cost to no longer be frustrated by those suction cups coming loose. I have shown this to several guitarists and they are instantly impressed and motivated to buy one. You cannot go wrong with this product!
  • By: Charles Flanary
    Wow, had used one of the ergoplays and the dynarette befor this but did not feel secure with them. The Barnett is way better. it is rock solid and feels like part of the guitar. My back feels a LOT better with both feet on the ground. The Barnett support is super adjustable too.
    If you are looking for a guitar support look no further, this is the one to get and keep!