SageWork Atlas Adjustable Magnetic Barnett Guitar Support - Standard

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By: Laurence Mardon Date Added: 11/14/2012
Just got this a day or two ago & I'm a massive fan ... I'm 6'4" & it's always been a struggle to hold my guitar comfortably. I've tried the dynarette & various other supports. Mr. Barnett's device is absolutely beautifully designed. At last: comfort & control when playing for long periods! I phoned the maker to compliment him, & found out that a version # 2 is coming out in the spring (new & improved ... it slices, it dices etc.).
PLEASE Strings by Mail: get Version 2 in when it's ready ... you have one customer waiting, & my full recommendation to anyone who wants to purchase this first version which you have on sale.
Again: this thing is really, really good!