Savarez 500AJ Alliance/Corum HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Sheldon Imperio Date Added: 12/31/2011
FOR BASSES only. These are undoubtedly my favorite bass strings. I have tried La Bella 2001 which were very weak, d'addarios which seemed like nothing special, augustines blacks which died extremely fast... Why I love these basses:
-Louder than any other bass I've tried
-Used them for over 1 month and still maintains its lively sound
-Deepest bass I've tried thus far and really brings out the low end
-Nice ringy and punchy tone to it. Some may not like this quality but I personally like it because it makes the string sound alive rather than dull. Some might prefer a rounder mellower tone however
-They are high tension, but they are surprisingly easy to press.

Haven't tried the trebles yet.