Savarez 500AJ Alliance/Corum HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Jevgenijs Klimovics Date Added: 12/12/2014
Excelent strings!!! Very clear, bright and loud sound! And realy, realy long lasting, even basses! Guitar's sound transforms to better side! Realy classical sound, like Chopin's piano in high :)

I trieded the carbon strings for the first time. It takes some time to get used to them, but there is not so terable difference in playing feel between carbon and high tension nylon, just maybe it is harder to control sound tonality (like vibrato, rubato and so on) on carbon trebles, expecialy on the 1st string.

Basses: liked very-very much! Extremaly long lasting, enough deep, loud and long sounding!!! Seems the best I ever tried!!!
Trebles: very clear, bright and loud sounding, not harder to play than hard tension nylon. A little bit problem in 1st string - too much bright sound in my personal opinion (but I use spruce top guitar), but very good for 2nd and even 3rd. Also it is harder to control sound tonality on carbon (seems at all carbon, not only Savarez set) then on nylon, takes time to get used.

-- 10 from 10 for basses
-- 8 from 10 for playing feel (-2 only on trebles: harder to control tonality than on nylon)
-- 10 from 10 for 2nd and 3rd treble
-- 8 from 10 for 1st treble (-2 personal view on too much brightness in sound)
-- 9 from 10 for sounding at all (-1 just becouse nothing is ideal :))
-- 10 from 10 for manufacturer quality

--and 10000 from 10 for "Strings By Mail"!!! :)
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