Savarez 570CR Cristal Rouge NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Laurence Mardon Date Added: 12/29/2009
These medium-tension Cristal trebles are absolutely stunning ... they combine a beautiful, expressive, sweetness with an almost transcendental ... errr ... crystalline quality.
Although not quite as loud as Alliance carbons, I think their beauty more than makes up for it. They don't have as quick a response as the Alliances, but that might be because I prefer high-tension Alliances, whereas these are medium. Their durability is quite good for a nylon string.
The basses they come with are the traditional Red Card basses ... certainly nothing wrong with them, but not quite my cup of tea. I think that they pair better with medium Corum basses, or -- my favourite -- Aquila Alchemias.
I tried the hard-tension Cristals as well, but neither the basses nor the trebles were anywhere near as good (at least on my guitar). Also, don't confuse these strings with Savarez's "New Cristal" trebles, which are flatulently warm, as far as I'm concerned.