Savarez Tomatito T50R NT Flamenco Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Allen Essensa Date Added: 07/01/2015
These are the best flamenco strings I've ever used. I bought these strings awhile ago because of a special from a Strings by Mail ad and put them on my 1969 Manuel Reyes blanca and a Reyes copy I made. Not to be too dramatic, but it was like the Reyes had awakened after a long sleep.. a wonderful, fuller tone without sacrificing the edge. The Reyes always had a lyrical quality, but it was sometimes hard to hear because of strings I've used (e.g. too thin, or unbalanced towards bass or treble). I had tried many strings as recommended by players and sellers and these are the best. I'm just ordering some more to put on a 1998 Tezanos Perez negra and can't wait to hear it. This is the most dramatic improvement to a guitar's sound I've ever experienced.

I have a small collection and have been able to match strings to guitars pretty well over the years, but this match has been the best. Very happy!