Savarez Wound Nylon 511R .028 - 1st string (e), high tension


By: Tracy Ryan Date Added: 04/23/2015
LOVE LOVE LOVE these strings. Virtues in no particular order:

1) They last. I change them only because I am changing my lower 3 for the second time and I think I ought to. Never had one break. Ever. Ev-ah.

2 This is the big benefit. They re-balance the voices of the strings. With any other string, even Hannabachs, the G sounds very dim and quite plasticky. With these, the G is on par with all the lower strings. Ditto the B. This is huge for me. If I switch back to normal strings of any maker, I immediately notice the difference , can't stand it and re-order these. Honestly, compared to these, other maker's G and B strings are just absent.

3) the winds in the string provide an extra grip for your finger to hang on to. Essentially, it's useful friction or a kind of grippiness that makes otherwise unreliable stretches and contortions reliable.

4) they are NOT noisy as the wound basses are. Yes, you could take your nail and rake them up and down the string and make a noise you couldn't on normal strings (which I think of as "fishing line" now..) but you never do that when you're playing and what sound there is so minute , you'd have to be miked right to your strings to hear it and even then it would be virtually indistinguishable and anyway lost in all the normal sounds even the very best guitarists make.

There ARE string by Hannabach especially designed for recording that make very little noise even in the bass if this is an issue.

Also, there are handmade, custom strings (never had any) for people who can justify the price ($$$$).

The sound IS different and you'll have to try them to see if they're for you. There's an argument to be made that they have a slightly less "bell-like" sound. Don't let me prejudice you; judge for yourself.

Some people only use the G and some people use only the G and B. I use them all and love it. I'll never go back to normal strings and I hope they never stop making these.
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