Snark S1 Son of Snark MINI Clip-On Guitar and Bass Tuner
[S1 Snark]
  • By: Belinda Bennett
    It is true....great things come in small packages. This little tuner belies its size and works better than some larger tuners I have tried. There are no bells and whistles - Son of Snark is a chromatic tuner and will show you the note you play, and it does so with great accuracy, and is like the Tyrion of tuners - small in stature but very sharp. I pulled it out of its package when it first arrived thinking "it's a lot smaller than I thought it would be" but I am not disappointed. Actually thinking I might get a second one to keep in my ukulele case!
  • By: George Mesheau
    Just bought one of these little fellows "The Snark S1 Tuner" from you and LOVE it.. It is small and can be basically be placed out of site on your headstock to others, and still be accessible and very visible to the player. It is very accurate and easy to read and make adjustments as needed.. Overall I am most pleased with this tuner and highly recommend it.. George M..
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