Sor | Complete Sor Studies for Solo Guitar edited by David Grimes
[4411 / MB95110]


By: Kenny Koung Date Added: 01/15/2015
This edition is okay - it's readable and once you replace the binding with a spiral binding, it's much easier on the music stand.
I've only had this book for a month, but the biggest problem I have with this edition is that the editor has put in WAY too many fingering numbers next to the notes in that it's almost as hard to read as notation + tab (I get distracted easily)
I can understand for some of the harder portions of the text that numbers may be needed, but they are littered all over the place so that you may as well just be reading tab. Also, my white-out pen doesn't completely white-out the numbering (it works perfectly on my Frederick Noad Book 1)
However, the editor has made good changes that aren't found in the original text, like fixed misprints, easier-to-read text, and shifting page positions as to "avoid awkward page turns." All in all, an adequate edition, but I think Brian Jeffery's edition may be better (he is the foremost scholar on Sor, after all).
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