Strings By Mail Crystal Glass Nail File, 3.5 inches
[GF 3]


By: Shawn Brock Date Added: 05/04/2012
I have tried most every kind of nail file being sold today. Nothing stands up to this product!!! I'm blessed with thick and healthy nails which seem to do a number on most files. In the past I have spent as much on nail files in a month as what this product costs.

If you play with nails this product is absolutely a necessity. Once you use it you will never go back! It works as promised. You won't have any sharp edges or jagged points on your nails when using this file, unlike other conventional files. I was lightly filing/ buffing my nails daily, and doing a complete filing once/ twice a week. On a complete filing I would spend 30 minutes or more filing and buffing. With this file I spend 5/ 6 minutes on my heavy/ full service filing.

This file will take the nails down a lot quicker than any product you have ever used, and as I stated, it won't leave your nails sharp or jagged. Also as SBM states, this file will not harm repairs and will last you forever!

Just be sure to go slow the first time you use it! I'm telling you this thing works fast!

This is by far the best investment I have ever made in nail care. It should be rated 10 stars!

Shawn Brock