Strings By Mail Crystal Glass Nail File, 3.5 inches
[GF 3]


By: Belinda Bennett Date Added: 08/21/2014
Best glass nile file ever. I tried a few from other companies (who SPECIALISE in nail care) but they lost their filing ability within a week. I don't think I am overly aggressive in filing my nails. Like most flamenco guitarists, I maintain a happy length of nail on my right hand so gently file my nails to the appropriate length every day or two to keep them at their best length for playing.

I was a bit nervous to try another glass nail file after so many disappointments but Strings By Mail's assurance that this file would outlast breakage and misplacement was enough for me to metaphorically hold my nose and take the plunge...and for US $8...I might as well throw it in my order.

Two months later, the file still looks brand new. It leaves an amazingly smooth edge - it totally runs rings around my poor old metal file. I take it everywhere. So in my next order, I added another to leave at work and one for the guitar case.