Strings By Mail Nail File and Micromesh Buff Kit with 3.5 inch File
  • By: Asle Benoni
    Really nice kit. Every classic player must have this. The 3.5 inch glass file is perfect size. Don't get the large file, you will break it easily. Everything in a small pouch. I usually skip the 3200 but go through all the grades. Depends how many days between. Just wonder how long the sheets last. The small foam block makes it easy to use every space on every sheet. And the glass file is great for smoothing out repair nails, glue and mesh.
  • By: Sheldon Imperio
    Love this kit. It's all you need to maintain your nails and achieve the best tone possible.

    I start with the glass file which is excellent, and the 3.5 inch size is perfectly sufficient. The file is good for shaping and removing large material and getting it initially smooth. The file alone isn't enough however. What's great is this supposedly won't need any replacing down the road.

    Then I go through each level of the micromesh paper at the angle my fingers touch the strings using the foam block. I only spend a few seconds on each paper for each nail. Once you reach the final stage, the edge of the nail should have a polished shine and should feel silky smooth. I'd imagine these papers will last a long time, thus making them quite cheap to replace.

    The tone I can now achieve is outstanding. Instead of the strings sounding a bit harsh or metallic, the trebles especially become more rounded, warm and pleasing to the ears. Of course this doesn't replace good technique.

    Bottom line: Excellent, affordable solution and a necessity rather than a luxury when it comes to playing the classical guitar.
  • By: Raphael Gimenes
    Really good!! Just have to remember to order a new micromesh buff kit from time to time :). The 2400, which is the one that gets most worn out, has lasted over half a year.. most of the others are still pretty good.
  • By: France B├ęgin
    I just recieved that kit, and I am soooo satisfied!!!! I love the file, it is efficient even if it seems smooth and fine. And the micromesh are fabulous. I have acrylic false nails, and it is extremely difficult to get a good tone out of them. They are not forgiving, the least flaw in their shaping and the sound is horrible. Those mesh make them sound fantastis :-D
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