SuperNail Swiss Silk Wrap Self-Adhesive, 40 Tabs (36 inches)
[239175 | 51070]


By: Asle Benoni Date Added: 05/25/2016
Very nice silk mesh that sticks well to the nail. You need some good glue. I forgot to buy adhesive from SuperNail so I am using a good super-glue (super fast dry) first and then some super-glue gel. The problem is often that that broken nail is gaping so you need to stick them together. Silk wrap will not fix this since you need some surface like a plastic nail. But for minor repairs or together with plastic nail this is essential kit in your set. Compared to cheaper silk wrap the SuperNail silk wrap floats better on the surface. Just find some good super-glue that works.

There are so many tabs in the kit, I think this will last forever if you don't break your nails constantly!