Thomastik-Infeld KR116 Flat Wound Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Kevin Parker Date Added: 07/31/2015
After trying nearly everything out there I bought a packet of these to try out on my Godin Multiacs and Yamaha NTX and NCX series guitars.
These are beyond doubt light years ahead of any other Nylon Style string I have ever come across. All the strings are wound and graduate in size as they would on a steel string set. As far as tuning is concerned you put them on and tune them; that's it just like a set of Phos/Bronze. They do not need a week to settle in only about 5 minutes playing. Volume and power throughout the string range is loud full and balanced. Superior in every way to Carbon and the other new technologies. Sound somewhere between a good Carbon set and a Silk and steel acoustic set. Bass strings have good positive tension without the usual flabbiness of some bass sets. Gone is the "G" string joke of fat rubber band. They are expensive YES but do last quite a while. 20 stars out of 5.
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