Rios | Soleares and Alegrias Vol. 2 DVD
Rios | Soleares and Alegrias Vol. 2 DVD

Rios | Soleares and Alegrias Vol. 2 DVD

Model: 1794 / MB97799DVD
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Guillermo Rios, Soleares and Alegrias (Volume 2) DVD

DVD, Guillermo Rios Mastery of the Flamenco Guitar Series Volume 2

In this volume, Guillermo Rios presents the quintessential flamenco form of Soleares and its cousin, Alegrias. He investigates and explains rhythmic structure, harmonic structure and compositional possibilities. With the aid of a specially programmed drum machine and the visual aid of a split television screen. Guillermo explains how syncopation is typically used, some of the choices possible in developing a solid melodic line supported by logical harmony. He seeks to educate and inspire and is successful in making Soleares and Alegrias accessible to beginners and professionals alike. He performs some of his own beautiful arrangements here as well. A booklet is also included.


  • Model: 1794 / MB97799DVD
  • Manufactured by: Mel Bay
  • Condition: New
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