Rosette Bamboo! String and Fretcare System

Rosette Bamboo! String and Fretcare System

Model: bamboo
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In performance, a guitarist appreciates clean neck components that deliver less friction and resistance to a flowing movement. In some cases, the player may have clean new strings but a fretboard with a build-up of natural oils.

Rosette has developed a neck cleaning system to safely clean all components, providing a clean smooth surface every day. The Rosette Bamboo can be left on the guitar at all times when in case storage to continue absorbing oils from the fretboard and strings. Also by installing and removing the Rosette Bamboo, the frets are safely cleaned and polished.

Cleans strings, frets and fretboard all at once! Simple and safe - no chemicals or oils - just superior textiles. The Ultimate Non-Chemical Cleaning System. Assures better performance and less "drag" with clean neck playing surface

* Reduces string oxidation for longer life
* No hard plastic or metal handles that can scratch fret tops and soundboard
* Over 120 SQ inches of cleaning surface!
* Features fine optical lens quality microsuede for frets side
* Super absorbent organic Bamboo/Soy weave for string cleaning

Rosette Bamboo! String and fret care system is hand made in the United States, consisting of 100% pure quality fabrics with unique characteristics. The Rosette Bamboo multi-fabric string and fretboard cleaning system combines the finest performing material available to safely clean your instrument. Each side excels in cleaning your guitar without chemicals or oils.

The fretboard side features optical lens quality tight weave suede microfiber. This material will super clean frets and fretboard with no abrasion. Completely safe with continual use. Helps reduce friction from oils and dirt for smoother playing.

The Bamboo String cleaning side is 60% more absorbent than cotton. Organic bamboo is naturally anti-bacterial. The fibers are highly water absorbent (hygroscopic) and similar to the feel of Cashmere. The material can absorb three times its weight in water. A truly amazing fabric for string cleaning!


  • Model: bamboo
  • Manufactured by: Rosette
  • Condition: new

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Rosette Bamboo! String and Fretcare System