Saravah, un film de Pierre Barouh DVD

Saravah, un film de Pierre Barouh DVD

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Baden Powell singing Saravah with Pierre Barouh, the young Maria Bethania, already a diva, Marcia, Paolinho Da Viola, Pinxiginha in the street bearing his name - all these moments reveal the great talent of Pierre Barouh, who passes on emotion and various forms of culture, giving us the impression that we share these musical and spiritual moments intimately with these living legends. The flaws of the film add to its authenticity, and the viewer, free to show emotion and nostalgia for what he never knew, can contemplate Brazil as it was before.
- Patrick FREMEAUX

Founded by Pierre Barouh, immortalized in his music and appearances in Claude Lelouch's cult movie UN HOMME ET UNE FEMME, the Saravah label has been an ambassador for Brazilian music since 1969. Known for the consistent quality of the music it endorsed, the label's stable included such artists as Brigitte Fontaine, Jacques Higelin, Fred Poulet, and Bia. Collected here are performances by many of the Brazilian musicians whose careers Barouh helped to jump start, including his "little brother" Baden Powell. Considered one of the best acoustic guitar players of his generation, Powell helped bridge the gap between classical and modern music, as well as playing a large role in popularizing the Brazilian sound internationally.

Maria Bethania, who was influenced by the experimentation of the late-60s Tropicalia movement that included her brother, Caetano Veloso, also makes an appearance. Performances by Joao da Baiana, who introduced the pandeiro--a small, lightweight drum--into the samba repertoire, and Pixinguinha, who revolutionized the traditional Brazilian choro, round out this exceptional selection of artists. 100 minutes


  • Model: 3074 / FA4006
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  • UPC: 3561302400686
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