Seixas | Sonata 23, 24 for solo guitar
Seixas | Sonata 23, 24 for solo guitar

Seixas | Sonata 23, 24 for solo guitar

Model: DZ 3087 UPC: 9782897950040 ISBN: 9782897950040
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Rebeca Oliveira Plays Sonata No. 23 by Carlos Seixas Posted by Bradford Werner May 9, 2018

Rebeca Oliveira plays her arrangement of Sonata No. 23 by the Portuguese composer Carlos Seixas (1704–1742). This comes via Open Strings Berlin and their amazing Youtube Channel. Fantastic playing, great technique and musicality. I love how Open Strings Berlin is introducing me to great players. Also glad for this repertoire find, “José António Carlos de Seixas was a pre-eminent Portuguese composer of the 18th century. An accomplished virtuoso of both the organ and the harpsichord, Seixas succeeded his father as the organist for Coimbra Cathedral at the age of fourteen. In 1720, he departed for the capital, Lisbon, where he was to serve as the organist for the royal chapel, one of the highest offices for a musician in Portugal, a position which earned him a knighthood. Much of Seixas’ music rests in an ambiguous transitional period from the learned style of the 17th century to the galant style of the 18th century.”

Composer: Carlos Seixas
Model: DZ 3087
Instrumentation: Solo Guitar
Level: Advanced
8 pages
Publisher: d'Oz Productions


  • Model: DZ 3087
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - d'Oz/Doberman
  • Condition: New
  • UPC: 9782897950040
  • ISBN: 9782897950040

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