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Ming-Jui Liu Classical Guitar - Two Guitars Sheet Music
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Ming-Jui Liu is a celebrated guitarist who has earned numerous awards at competitions in his home country of Taiwan and in the U.S. He’s performed as a soloist and a chamber musician in Taiwan, America and Brazil.

He showcases his mastery of the instrument not only in his performances but in his written work as well, some of which has been commissioned by the Guitar Foundation of America. It includes nearly three dozen arrangements, transcriptions and original compositions. Liu’s compositions showcase the players’ ability while retaining melodicism and rhythm aplenty.

Frederic Hand, the Metropolitan Opera’s guitarist and lutenist and a noted composer himself, extolls the virtues of his music. "Ming-Jui’s music is beautiful, evocative and deeply heartfelt. The Magic Hour is exquisite and I greatly look forward to hearing more from this wonderful artist."

For those interested in hearing him play, Ming-Jui’s latest album, Nostalgia: Original Compositions & Arrangements I, is now available on iTunes, Amazon music, and Spotify. For those of you interested in playing yourself, here you are.

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