Sonata No.1 for the Seven-String Guitar

Sonata No.1 for the Seven-String Guitar

Model: 6786 / 494-02876 ISBN: 9790600041664
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Instrumentation: Guitar

In addition to being a 7-string virtuoso, composer Alexei Agibalov is a forward-thinking artist in the territory of classical guitar in the former Soviet Union, searching for new modes of expression for the Russian guitar. This Sonata for the 7-string guitar exemplifies his influences of the Kyrgyz folk themes, evoking the cultural dichotomies faced by Russian artists in the wake of the diaspora created by the fall of the Soviet Union. For advanced players.


  • Model: 6786 / 494-02876
  • Manufactured by: Theodore-Presser
  • Condition: new
  • ISBN: 9790600041664
Sonata No.1 for the Seven-String Guitar