Stephen Robinson | Felicidade CD

Stephen Robinson | Felicidade CD

Model: 11921 / 40709 / CNP74301 CD UPC: 634479407093
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"Veteran performer Stephen Robinson is no stranger to either the stage or the recording studio and this experience permeates his recent release, Felicidade. Listening to this disc was just like being in a concert hall with him. Robinson's artistic connection to composer Roland Dyens is immediately obvious with the demanding Libra Sonatine . . . handled with an ease which belies the technical challenges. Songe Capricorn is performed by one who can bring that deep connection to life. . . . In Robinson's hands, Frederic Hand's memorable Homage is playing with great feeling. . . John Doan's Farewell provides an excellent, calming encore to a very enjoyable, concert-like experience on this disc." Jim McCutcheon, Soundboard, Spring 2008, Vol. XXXIV, No. 1.

"Where the music dictates a delicate touch, Robinsons playing has almost spiritual intensity which is very moving, equally where the music needs dazzling bravura, this player supplies this commodity in heaps. I found nothing to fault in Robinsons playing and his deft fingerwork brushes aside all the immense technical difficulties contained in much of this music.

The more astute amongst you will have gathered by now that I liked this new disk enormously and with a recording quality second to none, Felicidade is indeed a jewel in the crown of the Clear Note catalog and is to be highly recommended."
Steve Marsh - Classical Guitar Magazine

"Stephen is a guitarist who invariably reminds me of why I fell in love with the guitar many years ago; to put it simply, he plays beautiful music, and he plays it beautifully." Richard Long - GFA Soundboard

Program -

1 - Felicidade - Antonio Carlos Jobim [4:37]

2 - Preludio de Adios - Alfonso Montes [3:30]

Libra Sonatine - Roland Dyens

3 - India [5:39]
4 - Largo [4:30]
5 - Fuoco [3:43]

6 - Kinkachoo, I Love You - Phillip Houghton [2:49]

7 - Songe Capricorne - Roland Dyens [5:34]

8 - Inspiraciones - Manuel De Murga [5:22]

Frederic Hand 0 Homage
9 - Elegy to a King [3:07]
10 - Adagio for Ralph Vaughan Williams [2:09]
11 - A Dance for John Dowland [1:44]

12 - Farewell - John Doan [4:33]

Complete Program: [47:46]

Program Notes: Andrew Linton
Guitar: 1982 Thomas Humphrey
Strings: D'Addario J-45 Pro-Arte
Producer and Engineer: Stephen Robinson
Final Mix: Karl Wolff, Clear Note
Recorded in Elizabeth Hall, Stetson University, August 20-22, 2006
This recording was made possible by a Stetson University Hand Faculty Grant established through the generosity of Dolly and Homer Hand.

© 2006 Clear Note


Felicidade by Antonio Carlos Jobim (1927-1994), who was responsible for composing many of the Brazilian bossa nova (music that made its way to the U.S. in the early 1960s born of a marriage of Brazilian rhythms and American Jazz), is presented here in one of many of Dyens effective and clever arrangements.


  • Model: 11921 / 40709 / CNP74301 CD
  • Manufactured by: Naxos/CNP
  • Condition: new
  • UPC: 634479407093
Stephen Robinson | Felicidade CD