The Wake for solo guitar
The Wake for solo guitar

The Wake for solo guitar

Model: 12829 / theWake
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Composer: Donald Broerman
6 pages
with performance notes

I - Lento Ostinato
II - Marche

"The Wake for solo classical guitar is a two movement work that seeks to convey the mix of emotions after the passing of a loved one. The slow and dissonant opening dirge is an ostinato in duple meter with a melody in triple meter, which creates an incongruous and disconnected feeling. The contrasting Marche is a passionate ending with a final cadence in the parallel major signifying the acceptance of the death." ~ Donald Broerman


  • Model: 12829 / theWake
  • Manufactured by: 1 - C - Broerman, D.
  • Condition: new
The Wake for solo guitar