the2Mic™ | Classical - Flamenco Dual Soundhole Microphone
the2Mic™ | Classical - Flamenco Dual Soundhole Microphone
the2Mic™ | Classical - Flamenco Dual Soundhole Microphone
the2Mic™ | Classical - Flamenco Dual Soundhole Microphone

the2Mic™ | Classical - Flamenco Dual Soundhole Microphone

Model: DS | the2Mic
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Due to catastrophic losses from the Dixie fire, 2Mic products are temporarily unavailable.

"The most amazing sonic experience I have ever had amplifying my guitar on stage and performing worry-free to everyone's delight." - Adam del Monte

New! for classical & flamenco guitars

What it does:

the2Mic™ is the realization of a dream for classical and flamenco guitarists to have a discreet on-board amplification system that reproduces the highest sound quality, without feedback, and calls for no modification to the instrument. Simply stated, the2Mic™:
  1. is the most accurate and natural sounding microphone for performance or recording of classical & flamenco guitars
  2. requires no modifications to the guitar for installation and can be used with valuable and historic instruments
  3. is highly resistant to feedback
  4. is hand crafted in the USA under the supervision of legendary luthier & inventor, Ken Donnell

What is included with the2Mic™

  1. A new gooseneck design where 2 mics will be located inside the guitar after installation
  2. EPS-2 Power Supply – the recommend power supply to use, producing a modern, balanced mic level output signal operating via 9-48v phantom power
  3. EPS-1 Power Supply – an optional power supply which produces an old-fashioned battery operated mono unbalanced line level output
  4. Velcro attachments for stabilizing the2Mic gooseneck at the heelcap of the guitar
  5. A rugged plastic carry case with an interior designed for safe storage and transport of the2Mic™


After a bit of practice, installation of the2Mic should take approximately 30 seconds. Clear instructions are included with the product manual provided with the2Mic, and shown in the above video.

Signal Types and Power Supplies

– Modern & Old-fashioned options for signal type

EPS-2 - The 2Mic is designed to work best when used with modern P.A. powered speakers, and other P.A. gear having a phantom powered, balanced, mic level signal.

EPS-1 - But, guitarists sometimes must work with equipment which requires using a mono unbalanced line level signal and/or no phantom power feed. To meet this need, the2Mic is also supplied with a AA 1.5v battery operated EPS-1 power supply, which produces a line level, unbalanced mono output signal.

A highest quality of sound can be recorded and amplified using either power supply, but using the EPS-2 is best, as the modern mic level signal of the EPS-2 is more stable, and easiest for any good sound engineer to work with.

Microphone Specifications:

  1. Element: Electret Condenser
  2. Frequency Response: 50 - 16K Hz
  3. Pattern: Cardiod Uni-Directional
  4. Output with EPS-2: 500 ohm balanced
  5. Output with EPS-1: 2.5K ohm unbalanced
  6. Sensitivity: -45 dB
  7. Max SPL: 131 dB

Read the article on Repetitive Motion Injuries and how the2Mic helps alleviate this.

Manufactured by


  • Model: DS | the2Mic
  • Manufactured by: the2Mic™
  • Condition: New

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